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MotechAutoKey Locksmith has been in the Automotive Locksmith Game For Over 15 Years.

We Guarantee That No Other Locksmith Has the Computer System To Cut & Programme Over 2500 Automotive Keys, We Can Now Be the First Automotive   Locksmith In Sydney that can laser cut keys and re programme keys from any one of our mobile locksmith vans that all service Sydney wide.

Below is a list of Cars that we can provide our services for if we have missed one please still call MOETECH AUTO as we can 99% of the times find the Key/Remote you need!


  • Ford 

  • Lexus 

  • Holden 

  • Toyota

  • BMW 

  • Mercedes

  • Peugeot 

  • Deawoo

  • Daihatsu 

  • Great Wall 

  • Porsche 

  • Jaguar 

  • Maserati  

  • Bentley 

  • Jeep 

  • Hyundai 

  • Suzuki

  • Nissan

  • Mitsubishi


MOETECH AUTO has been serving as a leading Mechanical Contractor since 2000. As a fully certified professional, I’m ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs. I’m fuelled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure my clients are completely satisfied with my work.

Call to schedule an initial consultation or appointment today at: 4040 142 211

  • Mercedes EZS Immobiliser Key Module Problems

  • Unable To Turn The Key

  • Can Turn The Key  But Car Won’t Start

  • Intermittent Ignition Key Faults

  • Unable To Start The Car

  • Stolen 906 164 204 212 EZS Electronic Ignition Switch Module

  • You can also send us the ignition module and your keys, then we can test both, isolate the fault, repair it and send you back your items promptly.  (It doesn’t matter where you live this is a same day service).

  • Mercedes Benz ignition barrel repair


  • Mercedes 722.9 Speed Sensor Repair (7 speed)​

  • Mercedes 722.9 Speed Sensor Repair / Valve Body TCU / EHS / 7G tronic Speed sensor plate repair service.

  • Most ECUs are repaired and tested within 24 hours

  • Mercedes Benz Key Repair Service

  • Mercedes key repair service. We have the facility to test and repair most Mercedes smart keys between 1998 to 2015, we can repair most keys while you wait or within 24 hours.

  • All repairs & new keys come with a one month warranty

  • W164 ML, GL & W251 R Class EIS EZS Repair

  • Mercedes W164 & W251 Ignition switch repair.

  • This EIS commonly fails allowing the key will turn but no ignition lights and the engine won’t turn over.

  • We can repair this fault and most other faults within 24 hours and offer a one month warranty.

  • W203 W209 W211 W639 W220 R230 EIS Repair

  • Mercedes Ignition switch repair service for most models up to 2008 which commonly fail causing key to not turn in ignition or several electronic systems to stop functioning.

  • We can repair over 95% of EIS’S ​

  • W210 W202 W208 Ignition Switch Repair

  • Mercedes-Benz W210 W202 & W208 Ignition Switch Repair.

  • This EIS commonly fails due to a weak vehicle battery  jump starting or its failing electronic components, we can repair most EIS’S at around 25% the cost of a new one with one month warranty.

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